We also protect your developments abroad

In international matters, too, we look after your property rights: In all questions concerning matters abroad we utilise our established network of international partners and protect your intellectual property in Europe and all over the world.

Regarding validations in Europe we have successfully been working with our colleagues from more than 35 European countries for many years. This enables us to seek protection for your intellectual property rights, enforcing them, and maintaining them. For our non-European clients, for instance, we will deal with all procedures in the countries of the European patent convention (EPC).

International patent applications in the PCT procedure

Also outside Europe we will look after your intellectual property rights by means of our network of carefully selected highly experienced patent attorneys. We take care of filing your international patent application in the PCT procedure. Using the PCT procedure provides you with the opportunity to achieve the effect of a national application in all PCT states by filing only one application. For the national and regional phases of this international application we use our worldwide contacts.

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In close personal contact with the foreign attorneys

The close personal contact with our international partners ensures efficient protection of our clients’ interests all over the world. We are in lively professional exchange with our colleagues abroad and know them personally from frequent visits.